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Bank Referral Program


In today’s competitive market, financial institutions are expected to be more than just a lending and depository source for their commercial customers.  As your preferred business solutions provider, IMA’s experience, resources and capabilities become your asset in the areas of sales, marketing, technology, risk management/underwriting, customer support, and much more. 


Let IMA be the power behind your general business solutions program.  Your institution will be able to earn non-interest income without assuming undue risk so you’ll be able to dedicate your financial and human expertise to areas that better represent your institution’s core strengths.


Highlights include:


  • Management team with over 75 years of combined experience working with referral and agent bank programs,


  • Unique bank-minded understanding of the value of each client, and the importance of relationship retention,


  • Dedicated local IMA representative to continually promote the program and work closely with banking staff to develop new banking relationships,


  • Proactive and consistent direct marketing efforts to increase product offering awareness and participation levels,


  • Ability to solidify existing relationships as an add-on product, increasing both fee income and client retention.


To inquire about partnering with IMA nationwide, please contact us at 888.411.4462, or email us at!



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