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$500 Challenge


Certain business types, due to restrictions placed by Visa/MC/Discover that affect our ability to provide services, are not eligible for the $500 Challenge.  For a list of ineligible business types, please contact IMA.  In addition, Merchants processing with non-traditional processing solutions, and/or processing of less than $2,000 per month in Vs/MC/Discover volume, are ineligible for consideration under the Challenge.  Merchants using MICROS POS Systems are also ineligible for the $500 Challenge due to pricing constraints implemented by MICROS’s use of the proprietary MerchantLink gateway, which does not offer wholesale or reseller opportunities to ISOs.  IMA requires most recent two months processing statements.  Payout under the $500 Challenge is limited to one location per business/owner. Merchants who use a merchant services provider or billing service that allows for the cardholder to be billed directly for processing fees or convenience charges are ineligible for the $500 Challenge. Merchants who are receiving discounted pricing through an association, group or organization and/or are receiving cost only on processing services are ineligible for the $500 Challenge.  You may be notified after submission of statements of ineligibility for the $500 Challenge.


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